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Triple S Septic System Supplies was developed to become a "one stop septic shop" for all of your aerobic and septic system needs. Triple S Septic System Supplies carries a full line of aerobic septic system aerators (Hiblow, Gast, Medo, Thomas, Secoh, Alita, Flaggair), aerator rebuild kits (Hiblow, Gast, Medo, Thomas, Secoh),septic pumps, aerobic system control panels, septic system filters, septic system flow dividers/directors, spray heads, septic system chemicals,  septic chlorine, PVC fittings, aerator covers, tools and numerous other items.

If Triple S Septic System Supplies doesn't have the septic system products you need,
Triple S Septic System Supplies can get it for you. Please feel free to browse Triple S Septic System Supplies online store or call to speak with a courteous and knowledgeable staff member to assist you with a septic system products order or answer any questions you may have.

Contractors and Maintenance Providers

If you are a septic system contractor or septic system maintenance provider, call us so Triple S Septic System Supplies can give you a contractor code which will allow you to log in and receive a septic system contractor discount on all orders. Triple S Septic System Supplies also offers quantity discounts and free shipping on most septic product orders.

Proper maintenance is key to the life of any conventional septic system or aerobic septic system. Below you will find some solutions to some of your septic and aerobic system problems.

 Conventional Septic Systems

 Aerobic Systems

Conventional Septic Systems work very well in properly suited soils. However there are things you should do to increase the life of your septic system. You should never pour grease down your drain which could plug lines or cause you to pump your septic system more often. Never flush anything that is not biodegradable into your septic system. Do not plant trees, shrubs etc. near your disposal area which could plug your septic field lines with their roots causing you to replace or repair them. Do not use excessive amounts of cleaning supplies in your household because it may kill much needed bacteria which your septic system needs to function properly. Pump your tanks when needed to prevent sludge from entering your septic lines.

Proper maintenance on your Aerobic System will greatly increase the life of your components. Always keep all filters clean and replace when necessary. When cleaning your filters from your aerators never place the filter on the aerator until it is completely dry. Always keep ants, insects etc. from gathering around your aeration equipment. Certain insects can cause great harm to your aerobic system aerators. Check your aeration diffusers at least twice a year to prevent backpressure on your aerator. This will cause your aerator to overheat and may cause damage to your aerator components.  Never place the backwash from a water softener into the aerobic system. Limit the use of a garbage disposal when you are on an aerobic system. Do not put coffee grounds, shrimp shells, or any level of cooking grease and/or oils into your aerobic system.  Do not allow pet shampoo or pet dip to flow into the aerobic system.  You should not use liquid fabric softener when you are on an aerobic system.  Dryer sheets are much better than liquid fabric softener. Do not allow non biodegradable material such as solvents, paints, paint thinners, drain cleaners, harsh detergents, heavy metals, or any other toxic materials to enter your aerobic system. Monitor your TSS (Total Suspended Solids) to determine when your aerobic system needs to be pumped. Depending on your daily loading of the aerobic system, it should be cleaned and pumped every 3 to 5 years.

If you would like more information on your aerobic system maintenance, feel free to give Triple S Septic System Supplies a call and one of our qualified and courteous staff members would be happy to assist you.

Septic Chemicals

 You should always research products before introducing them to your septic system. Although there are products that will not harm your septic system and can enhance the operation, many products could do more harm than good. Feel free to give Triple S Septic System Supplies a call whenever you have a septic system problem and we will guide you in solving your problem.

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